Attract attention to your specials with Tracer’s Menu Board!
Programmed to slowly cycle through the RGB color spectrum on the beveled edges and throughout the text or drawings you scribe on the writing surface.

  • Draws constant illuminated attention to your daily specials!
  • Beveled edge creates a halo effect of LED light 1-2” around the display
  • Backlit header for branding
  • Optional lenticular header displaying 3D or animated effects!
  • Drawings & messages on writing surface pick-up the color changing light
  • Over 200,000 in the field
  • UL certified
  • PATENTED-patent # 8,375,613

display dimensions: 19” wide x 23.75” high... with a heavy duty acrylic writing surface
header dimensions: 18” wide x 5” high... live image area of 17.25” x 4.75 to contain the backlit graphic

Each Unit Includes: Durable hanging kit, a UL approved low voltage power supply and a white paint marker specially designed to flow a steady stream of erasable ink for ease of drawing. Erase with any damp, lint free cloth.

sign_animate_white.gif Please call for price: +1 (914)-945-7000

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